About us

Pinoy Dog Mom is a blog managed and owned by myself, Ton Reyes, a writer who has lived her entire life with dogs.  As a toddler, I remember peering into the eyes of our German Shepherd named Lassie, and every memory of my childhood always included a dog by my side — my beloved terrier Bubbles and my dad’s shadow, Tiny, the aloof poodles Lancelotte and Prince (they didn’t like me), our aspins Negrito and Negrita, our German short-haired pointers Dot, Diamond, King, and even the majestic Doberman Medo of my aunt. At one point, we had 16 dogs in our household, and I recall few times when I did not share my life with a dog. Being always part of a dog pack has taught me so much about our furry friends.

I am also behind Elan Miniature Schnauzers, a small hobby kennel in the Philippines that my breed partner Nick Montesines and myself set up in 2013 to raise well-bred miniature schnauzers in the country. By well-bred, we mean mini schnauzers that are healthy, have sound temperaments, and who conform closely to the breed standard.

5250As hobbyists, our goal is to have beautiful and healthy mini schnauzers that we can share our lives with. This also means propagating the lines that we have worked so hard to get from the four corners of the world, to ensure that the best and healthiest schnauzer lines live on in the Philippines.

For us, raising dogs is not just a hobby. It is a lifelong commitment that means sharing our lives with them, and understanding their every need from the moment they are born into this world until the time they cross over to the rainbow bridge. It is both a privilege and an honor that we deeply cherish.

Puppies available?

From time to time, we have puppies available in either of the colors recognized by the FCI–salt and pepper, black and silver, black, and white. These dogs are bred either by us, or in partnership with our partners, Fire Moonstone Schnauzers and Wires and Whiskers Kennels.