Mini schnauzer concerns

Pure bred does not mean well bred

Warning: this is a rant.

As a mini schnauzer enthusiast, it really pains me to see how backyard breeders and puppy millers are destroying the breed. I know I sound really self-righteous, all-knowing and pompous in writing this, but I just have to say it –even some of those who purport to be “guardians” of the breed are contributing to its destruction.

What exactly do I mean by “destroying” the breed? See the shihtzu? Before it was mass produced by just about every Juan and Maria in this country, shihtzus in the country did not look anything like the ones we see now. I’m not saying that the pet shihtzus around are not loveable or cute, but I’ll be honest–they don’t look anything like the breed standard says they should.

The same can be said for Siberian huskies. If you see a Siberian husky the way it’s described under the breed standard, then you know that the ones you see coming from puppy farmers are not supposed to look like that, with splayed feet, weak pasterns, wooly coats, and what have you. Again, I am not saying that they are not great pet dogs, but hey, that’s not the point of this blog.

And please don’t get me started on what’s happening to Frenchies and corgis in the Philippines, which can be summed up as WTF?

But okay, backyard breeders and puppy millers have been there forever, and though I have no patience with them, this blog isn’t about them.

What I cannot stand are those breeders who like to ride their high horse, getting good lines where they can, then mating these with dogs who are not representative of the breed. Yes sir, just because your dog is a champion doesn’t mean he can produce nice-looking dogs when he’s mated with just about any female, especially those who don’t even have breed type. People seem to forget that a championship title does not mean a stud dog can correct just about any fault the female has and will lead to correct puppies. I’m not going to talk about the rules of breeding in this blog, but this much I can say:  if you’re going to breed, then at least read up on the breed standard and understand what it calls for.

Then, there are those who think that anything imported is god’s gift to the breed–come on, guys. Just because the dog is imported doesn’t mean it’s great. Just use your eyes. Stop impressing prospective clients by saying your lines are imported, as if it were a guarantee of being a better dog.

Which brings me to another pet peeve – prospective mini schnauzer owners who want something that does not look anything like the breed. I’ve heard people say they want a schnauzer who does not have black hair on the face–when that dark mask they are talking about is a hallmark of the breed. There are those who complain about height and insist that a mini schnauzer should be the size of a yorkie, and guess what, you actually have breeders who want to breed smaller and smaller!

Now bring the uncaring breeder and the ignorant buyer together and you can imagine what they’re creating.

If you feel offended by what I’m writing, then it probably means you’re guilty. All I can say is this — please don’t destroy the breed that we have worked so hard to build up in this country. Better yet, please find another breed you can destroy.

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1 thought on “Pure bred does not mean well bred”

  1. Hear, hear!

    People who want a schnauzer that doesn’t look like a schnauzer… should just get a different breed that already looks the way they want it to look. No tea cups or partis please!


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