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Improper mini schnauzer coat colors

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Just last week, the Philippine Canine Club. Inc. (PCCI) issued a memorandum stating that dogs with improper coat colors can only be registered on a limited basis. The memo also states that dogs with proper coat colors with a lineage of an improper coat color may only be conditionally registered.

This is a very welcome development for us mini schnauzer enthusiasts in the Philippines considering that so many irresponsible, unscrupulous breeders have been trying to push non-existent colors to unwitting customers. A limited/conditional registration means that these dogs may not be used for breeding.

Remember that there are only four colors recognized by the FCI. These are salt and pepper (there are various shades of salt and pepper), black and silver, black, and white. Unfortunately, there are breeders pushing such colors as parti, liver, platinum, brown, and whatever else they can come up with. These are colors that are not part of the breed standard.

The problem is that a number of unscrupulous breeders try to pass off their dogs as registered. They usually do this by buying papers of legitimate dogs from other unscrupulous breeders, then use these papers for their dogs. Think of identity theft, but a canine version.  A simple DNA test and microchipping are deterrents to this practice, but then again, these are not widely practiced in the Philippines. This is how some breeders have registered schnauzers when they obviously have the wrong markings. Thankfully, with PCCI’s memorandum, these dogs will now be under limited registration, which means they may not be used for breeding.

Having invested so much in acquiring the best miniature schnauzer lines, I find it so pathetic that people can be tricked into forking over huge amounts for the wrong colors (such as parti) or questionable pedigrees (white schnauzers coming from 4 generations of salt and pepper).  I find it even more revolting that people are more concerned about coat color instead of basics such as health and temperament.

If you own a parti, I am not saying there is something wrong with your dog. What I am saying is that you should not breed your dog and pass it off as a real miniature schnauzer. That’s because a parti schnauzer has been mixed with some other breed such as a Jack Russell, a fox terrier, or an Australian shepherd. You can mix schnauzers from the different accepted colors and you will never get parti markings at all.

If you’re out in the market for a mini schnauzer puppy, make sure you check out its pedigree or ask the breeder about its ancestors. A good breeder should be knowledgeable of the lineage of the dogs that he or she breeds. Anyone who knows nothing about the lines that he or she is selling has not done his homework and is not a responsible breeder.

(Photos show Falcon, a salt and pepper mini schnauzer I co-own with Youngyut Amjaroen)

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