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Our mini schnauzer is top-ranked in Thailand

We’re proud to announce that we own the top-ranked mini schnauzers in the Philippines and Thailand!

Our Falcon (Th. Ch. Virrey de Copertal) is currently the top-ranked miniature schnauzer in Thailand. He joins Charlie (Int./Ph Grand Ch. Elan’s Bubbly Bulbasaur), the top-ranked miniature schnauzer in the Philippines. This is as of end-August 2019.

Numbers and stats don’t really mean much to us, since what matters is that our dogs are happy and healthy. But being top ranked shows us that they can hold their own against formidable competition, since FCI Group 2 (better known as the molossoid-schnauzer group) is extremely competitive! That means going up against the Doberman, Boxer, Bulldog, Rottweiler, and Bull Mastiff to name a few.

My special thanks to those who have made all these possible! Falcon is groomed and handled by my co-owner, Youngyut Amjaroen, in Thailand. Charlie is owned by Third Duran and groomed/handled by Eric Decano.

Enjoy Falcon’s newest photos taken at the Smart Heart All-Breed Championship Dog Show at Central Rama, Bangkok.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photos are from Thailand Pet Journal and Pet Place Magazine. 

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