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Diotemaceous earth: an affordable, effective anti-flea treatment in the Philippines

Mini schnauzer owners who struggle with ticks and fleas will be glad to know that there is a safe and effective way to control these pests—diotemaceous earth (DE).

I first tried DE several years ago when we had a sudden flea infestation that started from out of nowhere. All my dogs are treated with topical anti-flea and anti-tick treatments, so I was completely at a loss as to why we still had a problem.

This is how I understood that I needed to control ticks and fleas in the environment. I learned that no matter how I tried to protect my dogs using all sorts of medications and flea collars, I will never succeed if I did not address the fleas in the environment. That’s because the fleas on a dog constitute just 25% of fleas at any one time; the remaining 75% are found in the environment.

Of course, I didn’t know how and where to start since I didn’t really know where to look in the first place. The garden was an easy answer, but I had already built a fence to stop them from playing there unsupervised.

I consulted the pest control people who checked my house for termites, and they helped me know where to look.  Needless to say, this meant carrying a flashlight and checking out the floor, corners, and cracks all around the house. I crawled around to check where these pests could be, and finally found some of them in our garage.

At first, I used a strong pesticide recommended by the folks at the pet shop where I got my supplies. The problem was that this had such a noxious smell, and frankly, it scared the wits out of me knowing I was dealing with a strong poison.

The other problem was that after one month, I again saw fleas on the garage wall, which I attributed to the fact that the poison must have been washed off by our daily cleaning.

This was when I finally decided to try out DE, which I heard was an extremely effective pesticide. I was able to get a bag from those selling gardening supplies, and I was glad to discover that it was very affordable. To my surprise, it worked very well! Ever since I used DE on our yard, I never had any more infestations among my dogs.

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To those of you struggling with fleas and ticks, don’t stop with treating just your dog. Check out your premises and check what DE can do for you.

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