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Best dog shampoo brands in the Philippines: my favorites

Caring for the mini schnauzer’s coat and furnishings is a key part of owning this breed. Daily brushing and regular baths are essential to make your schnauzer look and feel good, which is why it’s important to use products suited to your pet’s needs.

There is a ton of dog shampoos and grooming products out there, and I’m sure many of these are good. I like trying out new products but always go back to my favourites. Let me share with you some of those products and brands you can buy in the Philippines that I have found most suitable and effective for my pets, especially mini schnauzers: (Note: some of these are products meant for show dogs, but I’ve chosen the ones that are great for daily use and that are locally available)

Ph. Gr/Int. Ch. Wild Rush’s Dream Weaver (Mishka) (Korea) with her beautiful stain-free furnishings.

All Systems Pure Whitening Shampoo – Keeping schnauzer socks and beards white is always a top concern of pet parents. I can get really riled when I see stains, so I’ve tried all whitening shampoos out there.   All Systems Pure Whitening is my hands-down favorite when it comes to keeping those furnishings really white. This is what I use when my dogs are competing in dog shows. I use this concentrated and let it stay for around 5-10 minutes on the white portions before rinsing thoroughly. It gets rid of stains quickly. But even when they are retired, I still love to use this, alternating with All Systems Professional Whitening Shampoo which is my favourite maintenance product.

All Systems Botanical Conditioner – After using All Systems Pure Whitening Shampoo, this conditioner is a must. This ensures that the hair remains healthy and does not get brittle. Remember that brittle hair absorbs dirt faster and therefore gets stained more quickly. I use this all the time, whether my dogs are competing or not.

Chris Christensen Day to Day – This is a shampoo that you can use daily. It smells so clean and it’s so mild, so your dog’s skin stays healthy while the hair is kept clean. You can use it on beards, furnishings, and the entire body. Always follow up with conditioner. Chris Christensen has the Day to Day conditioner line, which I highly recommend. Their whitening shampoo, CC White on White, is also highly recommended for maintaining white mini schnauzers or for the furnishings of your schnauzers.

Pure Paws Star Line No Rinse Colorless Spray – I have a bottle of this by my bedside. Since my dogs sleep on my bed, I want them smelling good all the time which is why they get cleaned up at night. However, there are times that a bath isn’t possible, or I just need to clean up a small area. This is when this comes in most handy. It’s a good alternative to wet wipes.

Plush Puppy Wonder Blok – This bar is perfect for cleaning schnauzer beards. Continuous use will make them whiter and will lighten stains caused by dirt and saliva.

Chris Christensen Peace and Kindness Colloidal Silver – For minor skin conditions, you can just spray this and the itch or redness quickly goes away.

Isle of Dogs Lush Coating shampoo – I love cuddling my schnauzers which is why I want them to always smell good. This is why I always buy this shampoo. It’s also a volumizing shampoo, which is great for making those furnishings fluffy. The conditioner is just as heavenly smelling.

Earth Bath shampoos – I love this line. They’re mild yet do a good cleaning job, and you can use them for all schnauzer colors.  They have various variants, but I particularly like the Ultra Mild Puppy shampoo and the coat brightening shampoo.

Update: I recently got to try some very good locally made shampoos. Most of these are available online. The best thing about them is that you can find them easily and they’re very affordable!

Fetch Indulge Jicama Brightening Wash with green tea — A schnauzer owner recommended this to me and I must say I’m impressed. I love this really gentle, great-smelling shampoo. It is perfect for the schnauzer’s beard, making it soft and oh-so-clean and nice smelling. It also leaves those furnishings shiny and soft. The nice thing is that this is made of organic ingredients so you know that it’s really gentle on your pooch.  Fetch has many other variants which I hope to try soon. 

St. Roche’s Heaven Scent shampoo – This is widely available in Metro Manila, and I finally got to try this. My verdict: it really smells heavenly! Its scent is so good that I’ve been using this to wash paws and beards at night, so that I could be comforted by the great scent as I sleep with my dogs. It also does a great job at cleaning and keeping the furnishings soft and fluffy.

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