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Where to go for spay and neuter surgery in the Philippines

I frequently get emails asking me where I had my dogs neutered or spayed, so I am writing this article. Although most veterinary clinics are able to perform these procedures routinely, there are some veterinary clinics that specialize in these procedures.

Over the past year, I have been recommending two clinics for all those who are seeking these services for their pets.

VetSolutions – They offer a comprehensive spay/neuter package for both dogs and cats. The procedures are done in their clinic on a scheduled basis – usually around once a month. The package includes CBC , ALT, BUN, CREA tests and ehrlichia screening. What I like about VetSolutions is that the procedure is done by one of the foremost vets in spay/neuter practice, Dr. Candice Solis. She has been doing spay and neuters for the past 17 years so you can be assured that you have the best hands doing the surgery on your pet. She does the flank technique when spaying dogs and cats — which means the incision will be on the dog’s side, instead of the belly. This is really great compared to having the incision on the belly since the wound heals faster, does not bear the dog’s weight, and won’t rub against beddings or the floor. She’ll also give you good advice and she’s very careful – for instance, she refused to perform a spay on my overweight dog, and put her on a diet which she closely monitored for months, refusing to perform the surgery until she was at a safe weight. Until then, I did not realize that my dog was overweight, and never really realized the risks of surgery on an obese pet. I really appreciated her prudence, and the time she takes to explain each animal’s case. This is where I have taken majority of my dogs for their spay/neuter procedures lately, and I have also recommended this clinic to close friends. VetSolutions’ package is not the cheapest compared to what other low-cost clinics offer, but it is still very competitively priced and completely worth the money, especially if you are finicky and a worrywart like me. The surgery is done either in their Katipunan or Visayas Avenue clinics in Quezon City. However, you have to wait for an announcement as to when they will be offering this package again. Usually, these are done on a Sunday. They do not do snub-nosed breeds, though, but thankfully I have no snub-nosed dogs. As of February 2021, they were charging P6,000 for spaying a non-purebred dog and P7,000 for a purebred. Neutering is at P5,000 for a purebred and P4,000 for a non-purebred. For cats, spay and neuter is P1,600, inclusive of CBC.

Philippine Pet Birth Control Center (PPBCC)– This clinic in Mandaluyong offers highly subsidized spay/neuter packages for dogs and cats. I’ve taken so many cats to them as we have a colony of cats in our area who I have been taking for spaying/neutering. I’ve also taken in a few dogs, including my neighbor’s shihtzu (a snub-nosed breed), a maltese, and mini schnauzers. Many friends have also gone here, and are satisfied with the service and outcome. They also do the flank technique for both dogs and cats. PPBCC is  very efficient – they do as many as 50-100 cases per day. Blood tests, which are recommended for pets above 4 years of age, have to be paid for separately. You drop off your pet in the morning, and come back in the afternoon. There are also separate dates for indoor pets and outdoor pets, which is really a good idea if you’re worried about your pet being exposed to fleas and ticks that may be found in outdoor pets. The nice thing about PPBCC is that they hold these surgeries almost daily, which means that it will be easier for you to find a schedule. Despite the big number of patients that they take in, they are really good at what they do. As of February, they were charging P2,000 for spaying a female dog and P1,500 for neutering a male. For cats, spay is at P700 while neuter is P600.

Although I have not personally tried them, I have heard good reviews of the Philippine Animal Welfare Society Clinic near Katipunan. Yes, they do surgeries even on non-rescues. They specialize in spay and neuter surgeries, and offer affordable packages. From what I’ve heard, the vets are very good at what they do, which is what you really want for your pet.

There are actually many other clinics that are now offering spay and neuter packages, which is really a very good thing. You can check out the Spay-Neuter-Inform Project Facebook page for a list of some low-cost clinics. If you notice that I keep talking about low-cost clinics, it’s because they tend to do a lot more of spays and neuters, which means their vets are experienced in these techniques.

I’ll try to come up with a list of all other clinics (although of course, I can only write about those whose services I have tried) based on recommendations of friends and will update this blog.

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