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Product review: Xiaomi Pawbby dog clipper

If you own a pet mini schnauzer, regular grooming is a must. Their hair can grow very quickly, and you don’t want them with an overgrown jacket and mats. Unfortunately, the lockdowns caused by the pandemic made it difficult for many dog owners to take their dogs to the groomers, which is why many dog owners are on the lookout for clippers they can use for home grooming.

For those who want to dabble in dog grooming, I usually recommend the Pawbby dog clipper by Xiaomi, one of my shopping finds from Lazada. It’s light, affordable, and easy to operate, and is perfect for those who are just starting out in dog grooming.

To be honest, I had very low expectations of the Pawbby clipper when I first got it. I have always used Wahl and Andis heavy-duty clippers, which are still my go-to clippers. However, when the lockdowns delayed the shipment of my replacement blades, I started to panic a bit. I looked online and saw these clippers which were made by Xiaomi. Having heard good reviews about Xiaomi appliances, I thought I would give their clipper a try. Once Lazada and Shoppee began to resume deliveries of non-essential items, I ordered the Pawbby clippers with the intention of using these only for the paw pads of my dogs. I figured that at less than P800 (around $16), it was cheaper than the Andis and Wahl replacement blades.

To my amazement, the package was delivered to my house within less than a week. Considering that it came all the way from China and there were still all sorts of quarantine restrictions at that time, this was really fast.

I didn’t have high hopes when I first saw the clipper, even if it came in a nice package and had a good number of accessories. There was lubricating oil, a snap-on comb, and a small cleaning brush. It had a USB charging cable, but there was no charger. Thankfully, we had a Xiaomi smartphone, so I just used this to charge the clipper. It was easy to figure out how it worked, even if there was an instruction manual.

When I first used it, I was happy to note that the clipper was so light. This is important for me as my arms and hands tire easily with heavy clippers. Although the Pawbby runs at just one speed and cuts very close to the skin, it can cover the whole body effortlessly. It is perfect for clippering the ears, and is strong enough to work through the thick hair on the paw pads.

What I find most impressive about the Pawbby clipper is that it does not heat up the way other clippers do. Of course, this has to do with the fact that it is not a very powerful clipper. Still, its speed is respectable for beginners and experts alike.

Another thing I like about the Pawbby is its long battery life. I don’t find myself having to recharge it all the time.

What I found the Pawbby most useful for was for the first trim of young puppies. Somehow, the Pawbby is not as “threatening” to young puppies, probably because it vibrates less and it is not noisy, so it is the perfect tool to use when introducing or socializing puppies to the clipper.  I also use it to cut the hair on puppies’ butts and paws, and it does the job very well.

It’s been more than a year since I purchased my Pawbby and I am happy to report that it is still working well to this day. I must admit I have three other heavy-duty clippers that I alternate using it with, but I still find the Pawbby handy, especially when my hands and arms are tired, or when I work on the ears, the butt, the belly, and other transition areas of restless, excitable dogs.

If you’re just learning home grooming, and your grooming requirements are light, give the Pawbby clipper a try. If you have other clippers and just need an alternate, the Pawbby offers good value for money and gives a respectable performance.

The Pawbby (right) is a great complement to my Wahl Bravura (left)

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