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A pet-friendly workspace for pet lovers who work remotely 

By Belle Hernandez

Ever wondered what it would be like to bring your furbabies with you when you work? Back then we’d usually leave them to be at our home, where they can be self-sufficient or be under the guidance of a person we trust. Nowadays, as we spend most of our hours in the comfort of our homes, we get to spend more time with our cats and dogs, or whatever kind of pet one has. Now, since we are in an age where traditional work norms don’t apply anymore, ever thought of an office where your furry friend is most welcome?  

Features of a Pet-Friendly Workspace 

Space and Interiors 

When you’ve become bored of the usual, inside your four-walled home office, you think to yourself “where can I go where I can bring my pet with me while I work, without spending too much?” Some animals who have spent a long time with their owners or “hoomans” as we call it, tend to develop separation anxiety which later leads to unwanted destructive behaviors. These behaviors include munching on slippers and shoes, or tearing up expensive furniture.  

If you think about it, your pets are probably as bored as you are, or perhaps even more. Sure, they don’t have to work or go to school, and everything they need is provided for them, but animals experience boredom too, they also like breaking the routine and going on spontaneous walks and travels. Perhaps instead of spending another month at your home office, you can take them to a pet-friendly coworking space, where you’re certain that your utility bills won’t skyrocket.  

When you work at a coworking space along with your pets, both of you will enjoy the comfort of free air-conditioning and relaxing interiors. You could even flex the experience online on your social media pages, and let more people know about the benefits it has given you and your fur-babies. Who knows you might also come across fellow pet-parents whom you and your pet would become friends with. Think out of the box, if you were to be a cat or dog, would you want to spend 24 hours every week inside closed doors, or spend a couple of hours basking in the same pavement of your home walkway? I suppose, you too would disagree. Just try it out, do yourself a favor, and include your fur-babies while you’re at it.  


Nowadays, we take better precaution towards health and sanitation, more than we used to in the previous years. We wash our hands more often, do our laundry regularly, and we include additional safety habits that ensure we’re safe from any viruses lingering around. Now, one of the perks of a coworking space is its defined characteristic of staying sanitized and protected against bacteria and viruses, so even your pets are protected from all these harmful microorganisms. Make sure that the workspace you pick is a safe space.  

All the freebies 

“Back in the day,” when the daily used to be a little bit more normal, we’d spend around a couple hundred pesos when we grab a cup of coffee each morning before we head to work. Now, we spend about a little more than just that, because we have to pay delivery fees and sometimes small order fees. Don’t we all just grow tired of paying countless fees and payments and bills? Of course, that’s responsibility, but what if there was a way, we could curve our expenditures?  

Actually, there is! One of the most appealing features of a coworking space is the freebies tagged along with it. Imagine, enjoying a bundle of benefits all for FREE. The word has never sounded so liberating before. We used to spend about 150 to 300 pesos on a cup of coffee, now we get it for free at a coworking space, and just think, it’s gourmet coffee, not just instant and packed within a sealed sachet. In case you’re not a coffee drinker, you’d love the selection of tea at the space, or the pantry inside where you’d have a variety of food options to choose from. 

What else is there? 

Well, if you happen to be privileged enough to own a car of your own, you’re in for a pot of gold because even the parking is free. When you bring your dog or cat with you and they stick their head out the window as you head to the coworking space, you’d fall in love with coworking because it stands out, no more additional fees from here on!  

You can also bid a warm farewell to the internet connection who has brought you more white hair than you’d ever come to imagine at such an early age. No more buffering connections or network interruptions, because you’d finally receive the internet a productive and hardworking individual like you deserves. 


What your pupper needs when visiting a coworking space… 

You did your homework and you’ve found the perfect pet-friendly workspace, now what’s next? Know what your pupper needs to have when visiting the spacious pad for coworking. It’s just like playing the famous game “bring me!”  

What to bring… 

Just three important things for your beloved pets. They’ll definitely jump for joy when you bring them to the place. All the vibrant colors are like candy, popping with joy and definitive colors your dogs and cats can see.  

Quality Time 

As one of the love languages you can share with your beloved pets, you get to present them with an enjoyable time as you work and conduct meetings, in a space where your productivity and focus is spot on. Nothing is compromised when you work at a space that inspires you. Instead of seeing your dirty clothes lying around, and having your pet roll over and over because of boredom, you get to spend more quality time with them. They get to see new places, and you get to lead your career in a path that is directed towards your goals.  

Time is one of the most precious things you can have hold of. Spend each second wisely and you’ll come to love balancing work and life, once you sit back and relax in a space that motivates you to grow and value the little things in life – like being with your pets.  

Here’s a “treat!” 

Perhaps when you’re thinking between choosing a pet-friendly café or a mall, you can take the road less travelled by, and choose a pet-friendly workspace like Weremote Coworking. Lesser crowd, no hidden fees, cheaper option, and better interiors – the choice is entirely yours, but it seems like a coworking space suits us better because of its features. Give it a go, and take your pet cat or dog with you, they’ll surely love it as much as you would! 

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