Tribute to my Ukrainian breeder

I am writing this blog to salute all the valiant men and women of Ukraine who are now fighting for their survival. As I write this, I am cuddling Snowie, who joined me from her home in Sumy, Ukraine, six years ago. She is blissfully unaware that the land of her birth is under attack.

Two days ago, her breeder, Oleksandr (I will not write his full name for now), managed to reach out to tell friends that he and his dogs are alive, which is welcome news. He also sent me a message to take good care of Snowie whatever happens –a message that pinched my heart. I assured him that Snowie will always be a loved member of our family, and that she is safe here in the Philippines. 

I’ve always marveled at Snowie’s courage and bravery. She never backs down when confronted by a much larger foe, and is always ready to protect me. In her, I see the Ukrainian spirit that the world has come to admire as this ugly war unfolds. 

It is my fervent hope that peace will come to Ukraine, that there may be an end to the suffering of humans and animals alike. 

My courageous Ukrainian mini schnauzer, Snowie

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