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Treats review: Pedigree Good Chews

Dogs love to chew. Having inveterate chewers in my pack, I’ve always struggled with finding the right type of chew that my dogs would love. Although there are many options out there, the best ones are either too cumbersome to prepare, too expensive, or too difficult to acquire.

Recently, I was introduced to Pedigree’s Good Chews — a rawhide-free treat made from beef collagen. My dogs loved its texture — it was soft enough to chew without breaking teeth, but it was also tough and lasted quite sometime, which was good. It comes in different sizes. My aspins had the large one, while the schnauzers settled for the small-sized one. All spent a good half hour or so chewing their hearts away.

What’s more Good Chews are available in supermarkets, and they’re easy on the pocket too! Definitely worth a try!

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