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Miniature schnauzers in the Philippines

This post has long been asking to be written. Over the past five years, I have been hearing people asking for a definitive source of information on miniature schnauzers in the Philippines, and sad to say, there has been none. The breed club has long been moribund, and there are no indications that it will come to life soon. There are active sites on social media, but lately, those sites have had more advertising than discussion.

Kasper, my first champion. He was bred in the Philippines.

The first question you may ask, though, is what gives me the credibility to write about the mini schnauzer in the Philippines? I will be first to admit that I am not the final authority, nor am I an expert in miniature schnauzers. What I have, though, is great interest in dogs spanning more than 40 years. I also have boundless enthusiasm for the breed, so much so that I have over 14 miniature schnauzers sharing my home.

Some of them hark from faraway places such as Brazil, Poland, Ukraine, Korea, the United States, Germany/Spain, and Thailand (add Croatia if we would count the dogs of my partner in the breed). Oh, and did I mention that most of them have championship titles?

The great thing about getting dogs from faraway countries is that I have developed a vast network of breeder-mentors around the world. There are many things that books and sites don’t explain, but which breeders who live and breathe schnauzers know very well. Thankfully, they have been generous with their knowledge and I have learned so much from them. Together with the precious bloodlines they have shared with me, I have set up Elan Miniature Schnauzers with a strong foundation.

Of course, there’s nothing like hands-on experience with 14 schnauzers to make me  understand their quirks. For example, do you know that some mini schnauzers are finicky eaters when they’re young, but grow up to be gluttons?

The second question you might ask is why I am focusing on the Philippines? The obvious answer is that I am based in this country, and I’ve raised so many dogs here over more than 4 decades.  But the more important point is that the Philippines has its peculiar challenges that dog owners in general, and schnauzer families specifically, have to navigate. This could range from food to health concerns, all the way to breeding and temperament issues.

From what I know about dog rand mini schnauzer rearing in the Philippines, there’s a lot I’d like to share. Hopefully, you’ll find this blog useful and interesting.

Happy reading!


4 thoughts on “Miniature schnauzers in the Philippines”

  1. Wow, I have just recently discovered your blog Ton and I think it’s a wonderful idea, thanks very much for your passion prioject. As a newbie Mini Schnauzers owner, I can’t wait to read the rest of your entries ! Uhm I’m sorry but I think your expertise with the breed more than qualifies you are an expert haha. Thanks again!


    1. Hi. Great read. I have been into dogs as a kid. Having grandparents who judge dogs since the 70s, I have been immersed into the dog show world. Haven’t had a dog ever since I got married 17 years ago. Reason being is that my wife doesn’t like pets at home. Recent trip to Australia suddenly changed her mind as my brother has 2. She fell in love with the breed and as of now having a pet is on the table. She has gotten quite fond with the mini. I’m looking for a reputable breeder here in the Philippines. Preferably show quality. My uncle who still judges recommends we get it from Australia or Japan, but we’re not going into full time showing. Hope you can help us. We’re looking for a pet but with good pedigree. Thanks. Charles


  2. I didn’t know you started a blog! So happy you did! Doogie sends his love. 😊 we still have the octopus you gave him and he still plays with it! (Even though it’s already missing a few tentacles!) 😂 We are so happy to have found you as a breeder because we absolutely adore Doogie and we are so grateful for all the advice you give us, the paranoid parents! 😂 I don’t know what we’d do without you! I look forward to seeing more posts. 😊


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