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Obsessed over coat colors?

Kasper checks out Krispy Kreme. He has a dark coat, a wonderful disposition and temperament, and a sound structure that earned him his grand championship and internal champion titles.

One of my biggest pet peeves is when people ask me when I could breed a mini schnauzer of a given color. A lot of people, it seems, are interested in getting a light salt and pepper, giving it funky names such as silver, platinum, and all other non-existent colors as per the breed standard.

Now there is nothing wanting a specific color  — that’s your choice, after all. But the thing is, people think color is the most important aspect of the dog, when as a dog owner and breeder, I can tell you it IS not. When looking for a mini schnauzer, you should be looking at health and temperament BEFORE you even think about such things as color.

Assuming health and temperament are not issues, and all you’re concerned about is looks, then you should try to find a dog with the structure that is closest to the breed standard.  If you have no idea what the breed standard is, check out what the American Miniature Schnauzer Club and the FCI have to say.

What dismays me is that people would rather get a dog that hardly looks like a mini schnauzer for as long as it is the color that they want. I’ve seen people go for the dog with elbows out or weak pasterns or dogs that remotely resemble a correct mini schnauzer just because that dog is of the silvery or whatever hue they prefer. Sure, that shouldn’t be a concern if this dog is just going to be a pet, but they want these dogs to be their breeding stocks. This is just plain irresponsible and definitely ruins the breed in the Philippines.

What’s worse, a lot of puppy millers in the Philippines have mixed white mini schnauzers with salt and peppers, creating the very light mini schnauzer that pet homes desire. Unfortunately, there are many white mini schnauzers in the Philippines with questionable pedigrees — some of them obviously are a mix of schnauzers and westies, just look at their faces. This was precisely the reason why we had to import all-white schnauzers with complete pedigrees and with several generations of white parents. I am hardly surprised why some of the very light colored mini schnauzers in the Philippines do not look like mini schnauzers at all.

To the color-obsessed would-be breeders, please get your priorities right before you even start thinking about breeding mini schnauzers. Or better yet, please find another breed to destroy.

Sorry not sorry.








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