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Mishka is 6 today!

Every birthday is a milestone, and I’m delighted to greet my merry berry Mishka, my noodle doodle, a very happy birthday. Mishka is such a delightful dog. She likes to talk to me, using her paws to tell me something like “mom, it’s time to sleep!”, “mom, food is ready” or “the darn puppies pooped and you better clean it up.” She sleeps on my pillow, with her face right next to mine.  I am so in love with this girl, and I am so grateful that her breeder, Taek Sang Lee of Korea, chose to send her to me.

Mishka’s birthday well-wishers included Helle Agerskov of Denmark, who owns her dad, Andy. And of course, there’s the rest of us who sang her birthday song, even if she didn’t seem to listen.

For her sixth birthday, Mishka wanted her usual treats and the usual dose of attention and cuddling, and we definitely didn’t hold back! Happy birthday, Mamishka!

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