Mini schnauzer concerns

Falcon is now a Thai champion

Today, another dog of ours, Falcon, became a champion of Thailand after winning at a dog show held in Nondha Buri, Thailand. To top it all, he topped Group 2, also called the Molossoid-Schnauzer Group, in one ring under Australian judge Joanne Sewell.

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Falcon, whose pedigree name is Virrey de Copertal, lives in Thailand with my co-owner Youngyut Amjaroen, who owns the well-known Plasma Kennel. Falcon has an illustrious bloodline, and is the grandson of the 2018 #1 ranked miniature schnauzer in the United States, Destineez Wild Blue Yonder (or George). Falcon was bred by Jose Vicente Marti Bonastre of Valencia, Spain in cooperation with Bernardo Buchner Regazzoni of Germany.

If you notice, Falcon sports an all-natural look — his ears are not cropped or taped, and his tail is undocked, because he was born and spent his early years in Europe, where these are banned.  We knew this would put him at a disadvantage in Asia, where docking and cropping are the norm. Despite this, he still looks very handsome with the fierce schnauzer look, very good substance, and great movement. Frankly, Beer and I did not expect him to win the group because of his natural look, so I was overjoyed that the judges looked beyond this and saw what a beautiful specimen of the breed he is. (Come to think of, we should be judging the dogs in their natural state, correct?)

Although Falcon does not live with me, I have been personally involved in decisions pertaining to him and I am truly happy with this achievement. I am so excited to welcome him to the Philippines soon!

Congratulations, Falcon! You make us proud!

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