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Mini schnauzers in the Philippines: preparing to own one

Demand for mini schnauzers among Filipinos is steadily growing. Ever since the lockdown started, I have been getting inquiries almost on a daily basis from people who suddenly want to own these bearded babies. While I am glad that more Filipinos have discovered this wonderful breed, I can’t help but worry if all these interested… Continue reading Mini schnauzers in the Philippines: preparing to own one

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Toilet training your mini schnauzer

Toilet training is one of the key concerns of all new dog owners, as it should be. People always ask for tips on how to begin toilet training a puppy (or an old dog), and I always say that successful toilet training starts with knowing your dog’s routine and body language. Mini schnauzers are no… Continue reading Toilet training your mini schnauzer

Mini schnauzer concerns

Falcon is now a Thai champion

Today, another dog of ours, Falcon, became a champion of Thailand after winning at a dog show held in Nondha Buri, Thailand. To top it all, he topped Group 2, also called the Molossoid-Schnauzer Group, in one ring under Australian judge Joanne Sewell. Falcon, whose pedigree name is Virrey de Copertal, lives in Thailand with… Continue reading Falcon is now a Thai champion


Can you afford a pet?

When a cute puppy runs to you with a wagging tail, a happy smile, and eyes that say “take me, I’m yours”, it is very hard to say no. Pets make delightful companions, dispensing affection and unconditional love. All over the world, people share their homes with an animal companion — usually dogs and cats… Continue reading Can you afford a pet?