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Toilet training your mini schnauzer

Toilet training is one of the key concerns of all new dog owners, as it should be. People always ask for tips on how to begin toilet training a puppy (or an old dog), and I always say that successful toilet training starts with knowing your dog’s routine and body language.

Mini schnauzers are no different from other dogs when it comes to toilet training. One thing I like about them is that they are quick learners. Even as young puppies, they already know not to soil their bed and play area, and many of them just know they already have to go once you take them outside the house.

One word to remember, though. If you are getting yourself a new dog or puppy who has already been toilet trained, you have to toilet train him all over again once you take him home. That’s because your new dog does not know where he can do his business once he gets to your home, so you just have to let him know. Hopefully, he’ll quickly pick up the new rules, as most schnauzers do.

I recently found this visual from the which illustrates just everything you need to know about toilet training. Hope it helps!

toilet training


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