Mini schnauzer concerns

Presenting another home-bred champion

I am proud to announce that we have another home-bred champion, Decanus Darn You’re Good. She won Best of Breed in 11 out of 12 rings during the Philippine Circuit 2020, and ended the weekend with the titles of International Champion, Philippine Grand Champion, Philippine Champion, and Asia Africa Oceania Champion. She is also a Crufts 2020 qualifier.

Mischka (not to be confused with my baby merry berry Mishka who lives with me) was co-bred with Eric Decano and is owned by Francis Uyehera. Way to go, team!


1 thought on “Presenting another home-bred champion”

  1. Hi
    I am Jo ANN Yeoh from Kuala Lumpur

    I am looking for a show quality Schnauzer and I sincerely hope you can help.

    My family used to ownand show the top doberman, daschunds and eventually papillons in the country.

    My father was benny Yeoh, and he was previously an international dog judge as well as Malaysian Kennel club president.

    I currently have Prince a pet Miniature Schnauzer who is very well loved. We decided on a schnauzer as my nieces are allergic to cats and certain dogs. Prince has been great.

    Our last papillon passed away recently and this I am now looking

    If you need references I will be happy to pass them on including judges like GOPI AND jeuson Lee.

    Would you have a litter and a possible show pup for us?

    Thanks much
    JOANN yeoh


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