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Charlie is 2019 top mini schnauzer in the Philippines

img_0102We are proud to announce that Charlie (International and Philippine Grand Champion Elan’s Bubby Bulbasaur) , our home-bred miniature schnauzer, is the 2019 top mini schnauzer in the Philippines.

We particularly thank his owner, Thirdee Duran, under whose love and care Charlie has flourished.

Honestly, when Thirdee got Charlie as a puppy, he was not looking for a show dog. Neither was I, as a breeder, looking for a show home. All I wanted was a knowledgeable and responsible owner who would smother Charlie with the love and affection that he deserved. As it turned out, Charlie got more than that.

When Charlie turned two years old, Thirdee explored the possibility of letting the dog join conformation shows. I had no doubt in my mind that Charlie was champion material. Among his many merits are a nice solid topline and high tail set that seems lacking in many local-bred mini schnauzers, plus great reach and drive, a sound temperament, a good head, and a nice, wiry jacket. Just the same, I had to remind Thirdee of the commitment and hard work that dog showing entails, on top of resource requirements.

Thanks to Thirdee’s dedication, hard work, and sportsmanship, Charlie has emerged as the frontrunner among these year’s miniature schnauzer contenders, despite showing only for a very short period.  He even came home with a Best In Show -2, definitely a feat considering the stiff competition in the molossoid schnauzer group. All these, of course, were done with the great support of Eric Decano, who is the exclusive trainer, groomer, and handler of Charlie.

Again, congratulations, Thirdee and Charlie. You are true winners! Thanks for making me proud.




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