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Falcon is the 2019 top mini schnauzer in Thailand

Proud to share that our Falcon (Ch Virrey de Copertal at Plasma) is the 2019 top mini schnauzer in Thailand.  Falcon’s breeder is Bernardo Büchner Regazzoni🇩🇪
and he is co-owned by myself and Beer (Youngyut Amjaroen) of Thailand’s Plasma Kennels.


Feels good that the top mini schnauzers in both Thailand and the Philippines are affiliated with me. As previously blogged, my breeding Charlie (Elan’s Bubbly Bulbasaur) is the 2019 top mini schnauzer in the Philippines. He is owned by Thirdee Duran. Read about Charlie here.

The best feeling is that even though these dogs are champions in the show ring, they’re also incredibly loving pets who make our lives happy. Indeed, my heart is full this Christmas!

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