Our birthday dogs

Birthdays are always a big thing for us. It always makes me happy to find something to celebrate with the dogs — the dogs know it’s their big day and they love the attention and hugs they get. Though we don’t have parties, we always make it a point to thank God for blessing us with many happy years together.

Sharing some photos of our kids’ recent birthdays: (Yes, the cakes are for the humans, not for the doggies)

Katniss, who shares the same birthday as Yukon, turns 8 but is still a puppy at heart. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get a photo of Katniss and Yukon together, but here’s Ultron checking out the cake.
Ultron is six and is clingy as ever but is far sweeter than the icing on this marshmallow cake.
Ryan is nine and still doesn’t have a decent picture! (To those who are curious, Ryan is a shihtzu)
Yukon turns 9 years old and ended up eating the flower on this cake.

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