Sharing life’s passions with your dog

Meet Loki, the Wise Doggo and personal finance whiz

One of the best things about having pets is that being able to share your greatest passions with them. Beyond their comforting presence, dogs can also give you a sense of purpose.

This is something that new fur parent Timothy Yap has proven with his 7 month-old Bichon Frise puppy, Loki – his very first dog. Unfortunately, their journey together did not start smoothly.

“As an inexperienced fur parent, I haven’t really studied a lot about what are the requirements you ask the seller before buying a dog. The seller that actually sold Loki to me faked the vaccination certificate and on day 2 we found out that he has parvo virus. Instead of being upset with the seller, I felt like Loki was meant to be with me because he was saved and he survived parvo,” Timothy shares.

Determined to become to best fur parent to Loki, Timothy made the dog an integral part of his life, including his personal advocacy. Timothy has always been passionate about sharing his knowledge about personal finance, but when Loki came into his life, he realized that his little fur ball can help him advance his cause, which is to help educate Filipinos on personal finance.

To reach a wider audience, he decided to make Loki as the face of his advocacy. Today, Loki does weekly videos teaching basic personal finance stuff on his channel – the Wise Doggo.

“I know this might sound silly, but my goal is to make finance more fun and entertaining for everyone. That way, they will be more interested because the topic of finance has always been a boring one for most people,” adds Timothy.

With Loki in these videos, Timothy has succeeded in getting more people, especially younger ones, to learn the basics of finance. They see finance as fun and entertaining whenever Loki teaches them.

Timothy is grateful that he has found Loki. Not only does he have a faithful companion, he also has someone to help him achieve his life’s purpose.

Watch some of Loki’s videos:

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