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Charlie is now top mini schnauzer :-)

Very proud of Charlie (PH. Int/Grand Champion Elan's Bubbly Bulbasuar) who is now the top-ranked mini schnauzer in the Philippines after  winning 2nd Best Philippine Born in Show under Judge Terrier Specialists Simon Mills (Australia) at the Club Terriales Filipinas Inc.'s 9th All breed dogshow  held yesterday, July 13,2019,  at Marikina City. As of now,… Continue reading Charlie is now top mini schnauzer 🙂

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Health testing mini schnauzers in the Philippines

Health tests are a must for all dog breeders. If you’re about to buy a puppy, make sure that you get one from a breeder who has done health testing on his or her lines. Unfortunately, not too many breeders in the Philippines do this because DNA testing for dogs and other services are not… Continue reading Health testing mini schnauzers in the Philippines

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White mini schnauzers in the Philippines (and why mine isn’t available for stud services)

White mini schnauzers are a topic that always stir up a lot of discussion among lovers of the breed. As an owner of white mini schnauzers, let me walk you through the issue, and how it plays out in the Philippines. The origins of the white mini schnauzer is hotly debated. You can research this… Continue reading White mini schnauzers in the Philippines (and why mine isn’t available for stud services)

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Ear cropping and tail docking in the Philippines

No topic can elicit more debate among schnauzer owners than the issue of ear cropping and tail docking. In many countries (UK, EU, and Australia), tail docking and ear cropping are banned so dog owners there don't have to make any decision regarding their dogs. The Philippines is among a handful of countries (including the… Continue reading Ear cropping and tail docking in the Philippines

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Improper mini schnauzer coat colors

Just last week, the Philippine Canine Club. Inc. (PCCI) issued a memorandum stating that dogs with improper coat colors can only be registered on a limited basis. The memo also states that dogs with proper coat colors with a lineage of an improper coat color may only be conditionally registered. This is a very welcome… Continue reading Improper mini schnauzer coat colors

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A Best in Show-2 for Charlie!

Great achievement for mini schnauzers in the Philippines! We are over the moon with the news that Charlie just won Best In Show -2 at the Cavite Canine Club's All-Breed Championship Dog Show held on February 9 and 10 at the Main Square, Bacoor, Cavite. If you didn't know it, Charlie was my own breeding.… Continue reading A Best in Show-2 for Charlie!

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Pure bred does not mean well bred

Warning: this is a rant. As a mini schnauzer enthusiast, it really pains me to see how backyard breeders and puppy millers are destroying the breed. I know I sound really self-righteous, all-knowing and pompous in writing this, but I just have to say it --even some of those who purport to be "guardians" of… Continue reading Pure bred does not mean well bred

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Falcon is now a Thai champion

Today, another dog of ours, Falcon, became a champion of Thailand after winning at a dog show held in Nondha Buri, Thailand. To top it all, he topped Group 2, also called the Molossoid-Schnauzer Group, in one ring under Australian judge Joanne Sewell. Falcon, whose pedigree name is Virrey de Copertal, lives in Thailand with… Continue reading Falcon is now a Thai champion

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Charlie, our new champion

We are proud to announce that Charlie, Elan's Bubbly Bulbasaur, has just achieved Philippine Grand Champion status during the 2019 Philippine Circuit held this weekend at the Smart Araneta Center. He is the big, bright star of Elan Miniature Schnauzers. Just in case you don't know it, the Philippine Circuit is the most prestigious dog… Continue reading Charlie, our new champion

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Mishka is 6 today!

Every birthday is a milestone, and I'm delighted to greet my merry berry Mishka, my noodle doodle, a very happy birthday. Mishka is such a delightful dog. She likes to talk to me, using her paws to tell me something like "mom, it's time to sleep!", "mom, food is ready" or "the darn puppies pooped… Continue reading Mishka is 6 today!